'Salt' Sequel Still On The Table; Kurt Wimmer Now Writing

Briefly: You know you want a Salt sequel. Wait, you don't? Shh, don't tell Sony. The studio has Kurt Wimmer writing the sequel right now, and the idea is that if the script passes muster, Angelina Jolie will sign on to reprise her role as Russian spy and CIA agent on the run Evelyn Salt who (spoiler!) ended the first movie intending to hunt down other sleeper agents.

When Salt was released last year, writer Kurt Wimmer said he had an idea for a sequel, and most involved parties expressed interest in signing on. Director Phillip Noyce will not take part, however, as he said that the alternate blu-ray cuts pretty much represented his last word on the character. We don't know yet what the story for the sequel would be, but this could easily be a Bourne-style franchise for Sony, with Angelina Jolie dashing in disguise through a few movies beating the hell out of deep-cover Russian agents. Presumably, she could be accepted back into the CIA and hunt down other spies for them, as well. [Deadline]