Early Buzz: First Screening Of 'Green Lantern' Earns Positive Praise

The first screening of Martin Campbell's Green Lantern happened on Sunday night in Hollywood, and the early response so far has been very positive. Read some tweets and quotes after the jump.

Robert Meyer Burnett (director of Free Enterprise) on Twitter: GREEN LANTERN fucking ROCKED. The 3D was AWESOME. As a lifelong DC fan, the opening ten minutes made me squeal like schoolgirl. ... Believe it. The first ten minutes will make you believe. The 3D is also outstanding. ... GREEN LANTERN was terrific fun. The fact that it works at all is a miracle, but it really does cook. The first ten minutes sold me. ... The 3D in the opening ten minutes is wonderful. But YOU MUST see it with polarized glasses. The color is great. ... It's not campy at all. The humor is earned. And Mark Strong as Sinestro was AWESOME. ... I LOVED GREEN LANTERN. Don't know why, but it kinda' felt like THE LAST STARFIGHTER. I know..."Huh?!? What?!?" ... it really did feel like an 80's movie, circa '84... Weird. ... BTW...In LexG parlance...Blake Lively...LOOK AT HER. SMOOOOOKING hot.Natasha Eloi (Space Channel) on Twitter:  "So-Frakking-Un-Believable!!! I'm still spinning w/ delight & utter fangirl satisfaction!! #GREENLANTERN IS GO!!!" ... #GREENLANTERNCORP be sure to stay until the end of the 1st credit roll for the BIG PAYOFF!! U won't be disappointed!! .... Torn between #MarkStrong as #Sinestro#RyanReynolds as #GreenLantern on who rocked more! Hmm? Think we have a tie. Better be a sequel;)David A. Arnold (comedian) on Twitter: Just saw Green Lantern...GOOD SHIT!Trey Alexander (Fandango.com) on Twitter: "Just saw Green Lantern. Interview the cast tomorrow. Blake Lively is so hot. Ryan Reynolds is perfect. Great mix of humor, action & drama."Ashley Williams (Good Day Sacramento) on Twitter: "Just saw Green Lantern...amaz!"Renee Bargh (Australian EXTRA) on Twitter: "Just Saw my 3rd movie for the weekend 'The Green Lantern.' Blake Lively looked Smokin as a brunette and Ryan didn't look too bad either ;) "