'Super 8' Trailer #2 And New TV Spot: Dogs, Danger And Destruction

J.J. Abrams' new film Super 8 opens this week, and there are quite a few reviews and reactions to be found already. (Pete just offered up his video reaction.) But on the off chance you want to approach the movie the old-fashioned way and not read much before seeing it, here's a new trailer to get you thinking about how you might deal with the arrival of a monster and the military, if you were a small-town kid who just wanted to make a movie with friends.

This trailer, like so many other clips floating around today, comes via MTV. There is a lot of new footage here. We see a lot more of the destruction visited upon the small town of the film, and a bit more of the military involvement than was shown in the first trailer.

Here's a new TV spot that has a bit of extra footage, too. This one might not be for the dog lovers out there: