LOL: 1980's Hollywood Agent Voicemails

When most of us think of a Hollywood agent, the image of Entourage's Ari Gold comes to mind. A fast-talking, smarmy, foul mouthed big shot. Warren Klein was not that. Once named one of the 100 Most Influential People by Time Magazine (in 1986) Klein was a huge Hollywood agent who represented many of the big stars of the Eighties: C. Thomas Howell, Jami Gertz, Kirk Cameron, etc. A Funny or Die user has uncovered some of his voicemails and not only do they paint a picture of a very, very different time in Hollywood – the kind of time when $35,000 was a huge pay out and back end on Betamax was a contract perk – but the name-dropping, tech-talk and incredible lack of foresight will make your day.

Thanks to /Film reader Andy K for the heads up. I'd love to make a ton of references to this and point out my favorite bits but it would ruin the fun. No spoilers. Just watch. Huge props to the editor, though, for finding such fantastic images to juxtapose with these voicemails.

From the account, it seems like more voicemails will be coming soon. I cannot wait.