VOTD: 'George Lucas Strikes Back'

Relate a bit too closely to that "Joss Whedon is my master now" PVP comic? Understand all too well what Tim was going through in season 2 of Spaced? If so, have I got catharsis for you.

An amusing fake trailer titled "George Lucas Strikes Back" purports to reveal what really happened to the director between Episodes VI and I — and that he feels exactly the same way about Jar-Jar Binks and midi-chlorians as you do. Along the way, writer-directors Bridge Stuart and Mike Litzenberg also manage to work in a knock on Brett Favre and a nod to Oldboy. Watch the "trailer" after the jump.

As it turns out, our beloved Mr. Lucas has been falsely imprisoned while sinister forces besmirched his good name by putting out one shitty movie after another. We also learn that Lucas plans to exact revenge for those films, that Jar-Jar is actually even more malicious than he appears, and Leia is still both hot and badass. Basically, "George Lucas Strikes Back" tells us that everything we wish were true is true. (Well — not that I'd wish twenty years of solitary confinement on anyone, but you know what I mean.) Plus, how perfect is that last-second reveal?

I'm genuinely impressed that Stuart and Litzenberg have managed to find an angle that hasn't been done before. "George Lucas Strikes Back" hits all the expected references — Han shot first, slave Leia, "it's a trap", et cetera — but also offers something fresh to go with them. There are roughly one gazillion Star Wars parody videos out there, and within those, hating on Episodes I-III isn't exactly a novel stance to take. This, however, is definitely the first time I've seen a Star Wars video that also works as an homage to Oldboy. It's an inspired combination, and it works to delightful, hilarious effect here.