VOTD: 47 Minutes Of Behind The Scenes Footage From 'Ghostbusters 2'

Studio produced EPK featurettes usually suck. From time to time, we post B-roll footage on the site (usually in Page 2) because I love watching the making of a movie in the unedited form. I've always loved the cinema verite-style film documentaries, but they're rare. Special effects artist William Forsche has posted 47-minutes of fly on the wall behind the scenes footage from the set of Ghostbusters 2. Forsche shot the footage during FX tests and actual FX production of the film.

We get to see the effects team putting together the suit operated animatronic puppet Slimer, director Ivan Reitman working out a ghost-heavy sequence with the effects team and star Bill Murray, the prosthetic make-up being applied and filming of the moving Vigo painting segments, model builders recreating a New York City subway tunnel in miniature for the subway of slime sequence, and much more. Hit the jump to watch the videos now.

Slimer suit, Ivan Reitman/Bill Murray

Robin Slimer from GB II

The "Real" Voice of Vigo From Ghostbusters II

Ghostbusters II Behind the Scenes: Spook Central, Animation, Vigo Makeup, Ghost Nanny, etc.

via: GBFans