Alex Proyas To Produce And Godfather Shane Abbess' 'Future Perfect'

Most of the best filmmakers got their starts when another, more experienced, filmmaker took them under their wing. Famous examples include Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas, Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth (who was also mentored to a lesser extent by David Lynch), Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp, Roger Corman and everyone and next up, Shane Abbess has Alex Proyas.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Proyas will produce and "godfather" a film called Future Perfect which Abbess, an Australian director who almost did Source Code, will direct. Future Perfect focuses on an older man and younger girl, both genetically enhanced assassins, who are forced to go on the run. Think Hanna and The Professional meets Paper Moon. Read more after the break.

The LA Times 24 Frames film blog broke the news of Proyas and Abbess' professional relationship. Basically, they hope it'll mirror what Jackson and Blomkamp did on District 9 by making a small budget movie outside of the Hollywood system that will look big budget and tell a more intimate and interesting story. The script was written by Brian McGreevy and Lee Shipman, who are currently working on remakes of Zorro and Dracula.

Abbess made the 2007 film Gabriel and was recently attached to make a film called The 7th Day. There's no word on which of the two films might come first.

Proyas, of course, is the director of The Crow, Dark City and Knowing and himself has a few projects lined up including AMP and Paradise Lost which Bradley Cooper, currently seen in The Hangover Part II, is attached to star in.

Are you familiar with Abbess' work? Do you think the father daughter assassin thing still has room to be explored?