VOTD: How Many Hawaiian Shirts Does John Lasseter Own?

We all have our collections. For me it's pop culture themed art prints, for Quentin Tarantino it's film prints and for John Lasseter it's Hawaiian prints. On shirts. We've all seen the Pixar Creative Chief do interviews in what has become his patented Hawaiian shirt and it seems like he's always wearing a new one. He probably is. The San Francisco Chronicle recently did an interview with Lasseter about Cars 2 and he was gracious enough to give a tour of his house, which included his closet and 374 Hawaiian shirts, all of which are in the current rotation. That's more shirts than are days of the year. But that's not even half of it.

Thanks to The Pixar Blog for the heads up and the San Francisco Chronicle's pop culture writer Peter Hartlaub for the video.

After watching that video I wondered, how often does John Lasseter do laundry? Or does he have a handful of go to shirts and others that just sit on the hanger? What about this whole theme thing. Is it kind of weird that Lasseter themes his shirts to what he's planning on doing that day? It's like going to a concert every day and wearing the shirt of the band you are going to see.

Either way, Lasseter is a big kid and it's very cool to see this side of his personality. To put this into even better perspective, I went through the /Film image library and – in addition to the photo above – found these:

So what do you think. Does John Lasseter like Hawaiian shirts? Or does he LOVE them?