'Green Lantern' 3D Trailer

Why studios are releasing 3D trailers online and calling them "3D trailers" when we can't watch them in 3D is beyond me. Paramount did it earlier today with Transformers: Dark of the Moon and now Warner Bros. has done it with Green Lantern. But, unlike the Transformers trailer, this Green Lantern trailer is totally different from the previous one and, like almost everything that's been released from this film, it's even better looking than the last thing. Case in point: Ryan Reynolds doesn't even appear for a minute and a half into this one. It's all about the Corps. Check it out after the jump.

For the record, yes, I know these trailers are probably going to play in front of the biggest 3D movie to be released so far this year, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which is why they are being released but it still feels kind of false.

Until you see this trailer, then all anger at the 3D thing melts away. It's bad ass. Thanks to Yahoo.

It's almost unbelievable that this is the same movie that was teased all those months ago with the trailer that looked like a romantic comedy. Obviously, much has been made that most of the effects weren't done at that point but the stuff on Oa and the depths to which the Green Lantern Corps history seems to play a part in the film is pretty damn exciting.

So many of our superhero films, even Thor to an extent, have a basis in reality and to see that these movies are now starting to go out there and show us totally unfathomable images and places is very rewarding as a comic book fan.

Do you think this is the best Green Lantern trailer yet?