Japanese 'Super 8' Poster Sells Some Serious Spielberg

One of the calling cards for Super 8 has always bee the participation — somewhere between mentoring and really being hands on — of Steven Spielberg. The J.J. Abrams film about a dangerous something released into a small American town has been painted as an inheritor to the Amblin mantle from day one, and every bit of footage and imagery we've seen has locked down that relationship.

Now check out this Japanese poster for the film, which might be the most overt piece of Spielberg-ian marketing yet. (And, as some have pointed out, this image might be a wee bit spoilerish, depending upon how much you know about the film.)

Frankly, if I didn't already know about Super 8 and I saw this poster, I might think I was looking at a one-sheet advertising some unbelievable mash-up of E.T., Close Encounters, Poltergeist and maybe War of the Worlds. That probably means that it is having exactly the desired effect. Hell, that might be exactly what Super 8 is. We'll find out when the film opens on June 10.