Traveling 'Indiana Jones' Museum Exhibit Now In Montreal

Indiana Jones was famous for saying that things belong in a museum, so he probably would have loved a museum that not only traveled, but had his name on it. Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.

Indiana Jones and the Adventures of Archeology, presented by National Geographic, is a traveling exhibit that features original props from the four films as well as an interactive tour of actual sites shedding light on the Holy Grail and Arc of the Covenant and much more. It recently opened at the Montreal Science Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and will remain there until September 18. Then, it'll embark on a tour of Europe and Asia. So, as of now, this is the only North American stop.Gizmodo alerted us to this awesome sounding exhibit. I've been to Star Wars and Harry Potter traveling exhibits in various cities and they never disappoint. The curators always highlight incredible things and present them in ways that not only teach you about the movies, but real life stuff too.

Even more than Star Wars or Harry Potter, though, Indiana Jones has actual real world applications. Everything that's been sought after in the movies has some basis in history or mythology. So, besides just seeing the props from the movies and learning about whether or not these artifacts actually exist, and what's known about them, attendees will catch a glimpse of actual real life relics that were found by adventurous archeologists.

And while this current stop in Montreal is the only North American stop yet announced, there's no way that Lucasfilm and National Geographic let something like this stay away from America for too long. At this point, they're probably just waiting for the current Harry Potter exhibition, and the bitter taste of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, to go away before unleashing Indy on us all.

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