Miranda July's 'The Future' Trailer

While the masses might not consider all filmmakers to be true artists, there's no making that mistake with Miranda July. When she not only wrote but directed and starred in 2005's Me and You and Everyone We Know, it was a revelation. A challenging, beautiful film that defied classification or simple description. Six years later she's back with her second film, The Future, and once again July has created what looks to be something totally unique and different. Roadside Attractions will release July's film in July and just put up first trailer which you can watch after the break.

You can watch the trailer in high definition at Apple by clicking there or just check out the embed below.

In case you don't quite get the premise from the trailer – and if you don't, that's probably they way July would want it – here's the official plot description:

THE FUTURE tells the story of a thirty-something couple who, on deciding to adopt a stray cat, change their perspective on life, literally altering the course of time and testing their faith in each other and themselves.

The Future had its world premiere at Sundance and Peter gave it a 7.5 out of 10, saying the following:

The Future is an artist's deep meditations on growing old and all the scary possibilities an undefined future may hold....This is a film that requires time to process, and possibly multiple viewings — a second viewing is most definitely in my future.

I was disappointed to miss The Future at Sundance but it was probably for the best. When you see that many movies in that short a period of time, they all tend to blend together and you really don't have a lot of time to contemplate. I think this film definitely a good dose of contemplation.

You'll get a chance to see the film beginning July 29. Is this one you are excited for? What other filmmakers, like July, are most certainly artists?