Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirmed For 'Cry Macho,' Rumored For 'Twins' Sequel

Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to the screen got off to a rocky start with The Governator, but he was a possible candidate for a couple of projects, like Kim Ji-Woon's The Last Stand, that might push him out of the standard Arnie zone. But it looks like The Last Stand is off the list, because Arnold is now confirmed to star in Cry Macho, reports of which started to appear last week.

The film is based on a Richard N. Nash novel from '75, and the author wrote the film script as well. He passed away in 2000, but producer Al Ruddy has kept the project alive, and now has Arnie signed to appear and a sales package ready for the upcoming market at Cannes. So, things stand as we recently reported them, but now there is no doubt that the film is going out to gather funds, and with this particular actor set to appear that probably won't be any problem at all.

After the break, we shamelessly pass on the rumor that various interested parties want to make a Twins sequel. Don't expect this to actually happen.

While Cry Macho could be a good way for the actor to move forward, there is now the rumor of a sequel to the 1988 comedy Twins, directed by Ivan Reitman and co-starring Danny Devito. What's Playing got this email:

A Twins sequel. Knowing Arnold, Danny De Vito and Ivan Reitman are all still in touch and want to work together again, Universal came to them about it. It's a germ of an idea that could spread fast.

I checked with Universal and they didn't have any info to offer — the rep I contacted didn't know anything about it — so I'd treat this as nothing more than a big rumor for now. After watching The Governator and Terminator deals start to happen it is easy to give this one some credit, because it would be one more easy project that relies more on a past film than on branching out. But let's hope, for the sake of all our sanity, that it is nothing but rumor.