Paramount Picks Up A Stalker Roommate Comedy With Anna Faris

Briefly: Anna Faris will now star in an untitled comedy in which her new roommate "turns out to be a stalker from hell." Her agent and manager actually came up with the story idea based on an experience Anna Faris had in real life, and then Deanna Kizis (who will write the script) and producer Palak Patel developed the idea. A few more details are after the break.

While THR 'announces' the project, a recent feature on Anna Faris that ran in the New Yorker has a lot more info. (Some of which is from earlier in the development process, so it's all subject to change.) The lead characters are Paige, a nurse who is the sane lead and role for Anna Faris, and Ginny. The latter pretends to be a great friend to Paige, but turns out to be totally nuts. In a funny way, of course, but there's a pretty broad spectrum there for that character to occupy. I'm hoping for something more on the Cable Guy side of 'crazy pseudo-friend,' but we'll see what comes of the script.