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Yesterday at NAB in Las Vegas, Apple unveiled Final Cut X, a completely rebuilt version of the popular video editing program.

Linkin Park fans think the band's song "Iridescent" will be featured in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

In the latest edition of Hijinks Ensue, Superman reunites with Zod.

EW lists 22 most shocking TV deaths.

The new Funny or Die webseries "Clark Kent has a dream" imagines what would have happened if Clark Kent decided to become a writer, and not a superhero. In episode four: with Superman busy "working on his novel," Lex Luthor invites Green Lantern onto his talk show, "Lex Talk," where he baits him into calling Superman out.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Retro Robot Toy Story t-shirt.

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek believes Apple is about to take on Netflix by offering an advanced web-based video subscription product.

RedBubble is selling a line of Star Wars/Angry Birds mash-up is an iPhone-optimized website featuring Atomic Martini's list of all drinks consumed by James Bond in the movies, complete with recipes.

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Tom Hanks/Banksy mash-up street art spotted in SoHo.Matthew Vaughn says that he almost cast Colin Firth as X-Men: First Class villain Sebastian Shaw, a role that went to Kevin Bacon.Star Wars stormtrooper shoulder tattoo.Donald Glover talks about his 10 favorite nerd things.Back to the 8008ies t-shirt.Game of Thrones' author George R.R. Martin lists his 10 favorite fantasy films ever.As seen on TV? The Imperial Guard Snuggie...Here are five reasons pop culture is run by fan fiction.Here is a chart that shows you how to easily generate an idea for a 2011 sci-fi movie release.ForeverGeek lists 10 vehicles that are alive.

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Fox Searchlight sent me the movie poster for Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life, along with a note that begins with: "Sometimes a film comes along that transforms everything. The way we see art. The way we see life. The way we see ourselves and others."

ShortLists lists extra twists for twisty films.

The Periodic table of Storytelling on DeviantArt.

John Lassetter talked to ComingSoon about how much influence, if any, Cars 2 will have on the in-construction CarsLand in Disney California Adventure theme park:

Most of "Cars Land" was designed around the first "Cars" because "Cars 2? was further out and things had to be kind of set a while ago. But what we're doing is, in Guido and Luigi's, they have a fantastic ride. In the queue area you go through the shop and we're planning to have one of the rooms completely full of all the memorabilia from the trip they took that was "Cars 2," around the world. So there's going to be a lot of that. There will be memorabilia from it. We actually took things that were happening in "Cars Land" and brought it into Radiator Springs in this. Flo's has expanded. We went ahead and took the design that I helped work on for "Cars Land" and brought it into "Cars 2." It's funny, you don't quite see it but it's there. Then Mater's ride is all his memorabilia from all the "Cars Toons" that are kind of in the queue area. That's going to be fun. But we're trying to bring it all in, like bits and pieces of this.

Did you know: The Disneyland Railroad steam trains are fueled by recycled cooking oil used to make french fries and other foods in Disneyland's own restaurants?

Movieline lists 5 Unintentionally Funny Eddie Murphy Moments That Also Qualify Him as a 'Comedy Icon'

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This clip from The Incredibles Blu-ray has Brad Bird explaining that the character Syndrome just happened to look a lot like him; though he noticed it way too late.

THR claims problems on the Spielberg-produced sci-fi television series Terra Nova are greater than visual effects. As it turns out, not enough footage was even shot for the show's two-hour premiere episode.

I'm not sure if placing a billboard for The Walking Dead next to a funeral home was a bad idea or a brilliant idea.

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A Walt Disney Animator shows you how to draw Winnie The Pooh.

IGN lists 21 comic book douchebags.

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Another new international movie poster for The Hangover 2.

Warner Bros' motion to see a secret agreement between Superman creators' heirs is rejected.

Watch a video of the first day of shooting on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Tarsem Singh says he initially had "no interest" for Immortals, and he spend a year retooling the script.

IFC Films has released a movie poster for Stake Land.

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The superhero alphabet.

KoldCastTV lists 10 TV Spin-Offs That Rivaled the Original.