First Look: Will Smith And Josh Brolin In 'Men In Black 3'

Despite some of the most insane behind the scenes drama in recent memory, Men in Black 3 remains on schedule. Tales of shooting with only a fraction of the script and massive rewrites might have scared fans of the series – which stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as secret agents sworn to protect Earth from aliens – but this first look at the film could bring back some confidence. Images have come online that show Agents J (Smith) and K but K is played by Josh Brolin. What? We explain and show the images (which don't include the one above and should be considered SPOILERS) after the jump.

Thanks to The Daily Mail (with a nod to Movieline) for these images.

In Men in Black 3, much of the story takes place in the past as Agent J has to go back in time and encounter Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) as a young man. Hence, Brolin.

Obviously we can't tell anything concrete from these images except, maybe, that hair, make-up and costume design on this third film are all on point. What do you think?