Fox Searchlight Launches 'The Tree Of Life' Website Packed With Images And Footage

Briefly: Fox Searchlight and Summit International, the two big distributors behind the release of Terrence Malick's new film The Tree of Life, have been aggressive and thorough in controlling how images from the film filter out onto the net. But their plan changes now with the launch of a website called Two Ways Through Life, which presents "the life journey of a young boy" as split into two paths. Fox Searchlight has done excellent web-based marketing for other films in the past, such as Black Swan, and now this site is another piece of nice work.

I haven't gone through the whole site by any means, but each of the two 'paths' has many nodes which lead to film clips and brief descriptions of what could be events from the plot. You'll see some of the very big-picture stuff that we know is in the film — an asteroid hitting Earth, and the final stages of our Sun's life. I'm reluctant to look at everything presented, as I'd rather just see the film, but if you're looking for a lot more material from The Tree of Life, this is your stop.