Morgan Spurlock's The Greatest TED Talk Ever Sold

Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) gave a presentation at TED in March titled "The Greatest TED Talk Ever Sold". The talk was tied into his upcoming film The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

When I reviewed the movie at Sundance, I called the film "the most meta movie ever created." The film pretends to be a film about the growing world of product placement in television shows and movies, with the twist being that the doc would be completely financed by product placement. But in actuality, the movie is about Spurlock's journey to pitch the concept to various brands, make it happen, co-brand, market and even sell the movie on late night talk shows (in pre-taped segments which will air the week of release).

So it comes as no surprise that Spurlock's TED Talk serves as a vehicle to help Spurlock to help promote his upcoming film, but present his journey to the TED audience. I must warn you, if you're excited to see the film The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, this TED Talk features a ton of selected clips from throughout the film. So if you're already decided, you might want to skip it. If not, you might want to check it out. In the last three minutes of the talk, Spurlock reveals the reaction to his film since Sundance.

It's also worth noting that /Film actually makes a very quick cameo in this part of the presentation (you can see my cartoon avatar on the upper left hand section of the big screen (screengrab after the jump). You can watch the TED Talk online right now, embedded after the jump.

screengrab of /Film's tiny cameo: