LOL: Trailer For 'When Harry Met Sally 2' Shows How Studio Notes Make A Bad Idea Worse

Funny or Die has been killing it recently. This time, the site has roped in quite a collection of talent: Billy Crystal, Rob Reiner, Helen Mirren and more (Mike Tyson!) to create a fake trailer for a very ill-considered sequel to When Harry Met Sally. It is a lot like Robert Altman's film The Player, condensed to under five minutes and with a few 2011-appropriate thrown in. Check it out below.

Golf clap to Helen Mirren and Billy Crystal for being willing to go all in with this one. Their commitment is what makes it work, especially when things start to get truly ridiculous. Though that weird Mike Tyson appearance doesn't hurt. You'll be able to see where this is going almost immediately, especially when Adam Scott's moronic studio exec starts to add his little 'tweak.' If only I could believe that guys like that didn't actually give those notes in real life. In reality, though, I know the notes execs and producers give are often far more idiotic.