Casting Bits: Tyler Perry In 'Good Deeds;' Ryan Reynolds In 'Turbo;' Leighton Meester And Vanilla Ice In 'I Hate You Dad'

Lionsgate has just signed a new two-year first-look deal with Tyler Perry, and no wonder: the guy is a machine who turns out films that cost little and make a mint. The director's latest for Lionsgate will be Good Deeds, which he'll write, direct, produce and star in, as Glen Deeds, "an affluent and successful entrepreneur who's about to get married when he becomes enamored with a down-on-her-luck single mom." That basic plot setup is as well-worn as most of the character types in all Tyler Perry's films, but that never seems to matter when it comes time to find an audience. Probably helps, in fact. A lot. The film will shoot later this month in Atlanta.   [Variety]

After the break, Ryan Reynolds plays a snail and one-time hitmaker Vanilla Ice plays a wedding coordinator. Yup, this is one of those articles.

While Ryan Reynolds has recently said that Green Lantern and Deadpool (should it ever actually happen) will likely represent the entirety of his future superhero efforts, he wasn't being quite accurate. Because in Turbo he'll voice a snail who dreams of being the fastest snail in the world, and then is actually granted super speed. So, like the Flash, but with more mucous.

Turbo is a DreamWorks Animation picture written by Darren Lemke and it will be directed by David Soren. It is planned for release June 7, 2013, so we could theoretically see Ryan Reynolds voicing a Flash-like snail just as Justice League puts a new Flash (and a new Green Lantern?) on screen. [Variety]

Finally, the Adam Sandler movie I Hate You, Dad, in which he plays pop to Andy Samberg from SNL, has pulled in Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester, who will play the fiancee of Andy Samberg's character. But that's not all, as Vanilla Ice will play "a gay wedding coordinator from Long Island." If this character also happens to be the '20 years later' version of Ice's character in Cool as Ice (aka the most ridiculous remake of Rebel Without a Cause imaginable) then I will be thrilled beyond belief with the film. [Variety]