New 'X-Men: First Class' Photo; Nicholas Hoult Answers Fan Questions

Fox has released a new image from X-Men: First Class via the film's Facebook page. The shot shows a pre-transofmation Beast (Nicholas Hoult) talking with Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence). In addition, Nicholas Hoult has answered a handful of questions submitted from fans. The answers and the full image are after the break.

There isn't much groundbreaking info here in this Q&A, but hardcore fans of the character might be happy to know that the actor will be sporting some big CGI feet while in 'human' form. Here are the best bits from the Q&A:

What did you think of the original Beast?

I thought Kelsey Grammer did a fantastic job when he portrayed Beast, his charm and eloquence was something I wanted to try and emulate. However, in First Class I play Hank younger before becoming a politician, when he is a scientist and still learning about himself and his abilities. So I didn't want to try and just play a younger Kelsey but also bring something new to the role.

What type of preparation did you do for the role of Beast?

In preparation for the role I watched lots of Frasier and listened to people who spoke with a similar accent to Kelsey, my dialect coach and I worked on creating something towards Kelsey's dialect but without being an imitation. I also did lots of fitness training as being in the Beast costume and make up could be very tiring and tough physically.

Did they do any CGI on your hands and feet prior to Beast going blue to make him seem more ape-like as in the comics and shows?

Before the transformation Hank's feet are a CGI effect so I would wear a blue sock and then the larger ape like feet would be added in post production. I did wear shoes a few sizes larger so that in theory they would have fitted in.

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