Kiefer Sutherland Says The '24' Movie Will Hit In 2012

Briefly: The 24 movie is starting to be a bit like the Arrested Development movie: something that gets talked up a lot without a great deal of backup to suggest that it will actually happen. Billy Ray wrote a script last year that was nixed by Fox, and then Tony Scott got involved. Kiefer Sutherland said earlier this year, "I think Tony Scott is one of the directors that has expressed great interest in doing it and he would be fantastic, so I'm very excited about that," but we don't know exactly what role Tony Scott might play, if he indeed is taking part at all.

The latest chapter in the film's story is that Kiefer Sutherland told The View this morning that the film would hit in 2012. EW checked on the state of things after hearing that announcement, and relates that the movie still has no start date or director, so that date might be written in pencil rather than ink. Especially since the last comments from the actor were that the film would shoot in December or January, making a 2012 release date look pretty difficult to hit.