Exclusive: 'Attack The Block' Poster (And Early Buzz)

My biggest regret of the 2011 South by Southwest Film Festival is that I did not see the Edgar Wright-produced Joe Cornish-directed Attack The Block. By all accounts, Attack was the must-see highest positive-buzz film shown in Austin last week. And since I can't personally attest to the film's awesomeness, I'll include some spoiler-free pull quotes about the movie after the jump. What esle might you find after the jump? How about an exclusive look at the film's quad poster!

IGN: "Take the hoodie horror, stick it in a blender with Critters and The Warriors, add a dash of jet-black humour, get John Carpenter to flick the switch and you've got something approaching the insane brilliance of Attack the Block."UGO: "I've seen this year's District 9 and it is called Attack The Block. If you mixed Gremlins with Season Four of The Wire, set it in a Conquest of the Planet of the Apes-like location and gave it some of Edgar Wright's visual pizzaz, that's only part of what's happening in this picture. Apart from dazzling action-adventure sequences and sharp comedy, there's genuine social commentary in this tale of a gang of urban youth defending their housing facility from invading, interplanetary creatures. What's more, the audience experiences a complete arc, growing to love an initially distasteful character. That's a remarkable accomplishment for any film – for one catering to a sci-fi/fanboy audience it is almost unheard of."Collider: "I can in fact confirm that Cornish's film really is the best film at this year's SXSW. It's even better than that, though: Attack The Block is one of those films that immediately becomes one of your absolute favorites, a film you'll judge other, similar films against for years to come."Twitch: "From the intention of newly minted director Joe Cornish, Attack the Block is an homage to The Warriors, Predator, The Outsiders, E.T., Rumble Fish, and just about every other great monster and child-gang film you can think of. From Cornish's mouth "Super 8... Mile'; a joke that comes nowhere near doing the film justice, but provides for a cheeky top-down." ... "Creative, exhilarating, constantly funny and loaded with scares, Joe Cornish announces his arrival with the youthful roar of street wide power fantasy, children vs. aliens, samurai swords and fireworks, screeching beasts and the bumping beats of Basement Jaxx."Cinematical: "Some may complain about Cornish's readiness to assault your eyes and eardrums with zero warning, but a few loud bolts from the shadows still shouldn't result in anyone walking away unimpressed. In fact, 'Attack the Block' is so fast paced, the jolts so visceral and the energy so contagious, no one of the right mindset should be walking away from it at all; they should be stumbling away, intoxicated by its perfect genre high."Fearnet: "one of the slickest, quickest and slyly satisfying amalgams in quite some time! The cast (which is comprised almost exclusively of "first-time unknowns") is aces across the board. The eclectic cadre of troublemakers are slightly obnoxious, gradually heroic, and surprisingly likeable when all is said and done." ... "Packed with cliches that arrive with just enough polish, populated by quick-witted and amusing characters who lampoon the stock genre conventions (even while being chased by them!) with impressive consistency, bolstered by some simple but very cool special effects and an infectious musical score, Attack the Block is one of those genre flicks that is plainly inspired by a dozen other flicks, but mashes everything into a whole that ends up strangely ... unique."