VOTD: Spoiler Alert Movie Montage

If you are reading this, chances are you've had a movie spoiled for you, and not just by the image above. We live in an age where to truly go into a movie with a clean slate, you can't really go onto the Internet. Even if you avoid movie websites like ours, being online is a minefield of spoilers: friends are bound to tweet or post on Facebook about movies they've seen, images for films are everywhere and pop up ads show full trailers without even asking. The possibilities are endless. Most of us walk that fine line every day, reading speculation and news in hopes that a huge reveal won't be buried in the subtext. Other simply embrace the spoiler, such as people who wear Olly Moss's Threadless t-shirt above or YouTube user hatinhand, who created this very cool montage featuring over 70 very famous spoilers. Check it out after the break.

Thanks to The High Definite (via The Daily What) for the heads up.