First Look: Stephen Lang In 'Conan The Barbarian'

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So...there are proto-Klingons in Conan the Barbarian?

We've seen some on-set shots of the new Conan as it was shooting under the direction of Marcus Nispel, and there have been some promo shots featuring Jason Momoa as Conan, and that teaser trailer that refused to show very much at all. Now here's your first look at Avatar's Stephen Lang in full costume and makeup as Conan villain Khalar Zym.

[No photo]

Last September, Mr. Lang talked to MTV about his character, saying:

I wanted him to be like a knife... I wanted him, in profile, to almost disappear if possible. I actually have some photos that I am forbidden to show right now. I know there are these photos of Jason out there, this gorgeous stud of a Conan leaping around shirtless. Truth of the matter is, I kick his ass for almost two hours.

He also enthused about the weapon his character wields in the film:

I have a very cool, and difficult to master — it took me many, many years to master — a double-bladed, parallel scimitar which can do all kinds of things, can break apart and can turn into a scythe, and it requires tremendous dexterity and deftness and agility to handle it – none of which I've mastered! But in fact, we worked really hard with the fight team from 300, and those guys are just the best.

OK, Klingon joke aside, this guy looks like a serious badass. And he looks a little bit weird, which I like — I don't just want a Conan movie full of people in boilerplate armor and loincloths. I want to see a fantasy world that isn't quite like our own. And this image supports some other set shots we've seen, suggesting we might get something along those lines.