Pixar's 'Brave' Moves Back A Week

This summer, Pixar gives us Cars 2. Next year, we'll get both John Carter of Mars and Brave, which is being touted as Pixar's first original fairy tale. It was set to open June 15, 2012 but was just bumped back a week to June 22, 2012. That puts it up against Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which will almost assuredly be a hard R and makes for nice counter programming. Brave is about a young princess, voiced by Reese Witherspoon, who doesn't want to follow her royal roots and instead tries to become an archer. Brenda Chapman was set to direct and be Pixar's first female director, but there were complications and she left the project. It's now being helmed by Mark Andrews.

The Wrap alerted us to the release date change which, in theory, gives the film a little more room to breath after the third Madagascar, which opens on June 8, 2012.

Adjust your release date calendars accordingly.