'Jackass' Director Jeff Tremaine To Helm 'Revenge Of The Jocks'

There was a time when you could always count on geeks to be the beleaguered underdogs of cinema and television. In recent years, however, nerds (or geeks, if you prefer) have enjoyed a surge in social status — comic book franchises are huge, Judd Apatow and his Freaks & Geeks gang are the kings of comedy, Jesse Eisenberg is a sex symbol (at least on Tumblr). And this might be the ultimate symbol of how far we've come: Warner Bros. is planning a film called Revenge of the Jocks, which will "update" the 1980s films Revenge of the Nerds. Jackass co-creator Jeff Tremaine is set to direct. Read more after the jump.

Three men, once popular high school jocks with their glory days behind them, find themselves forced to adapt to a world run by the geek and nerd crowd, some of whom are only too eager to unleash their own tormenting on the new underdog class.

I'm curious to see what Hollywood thinks a geek-run universe would look like. The whole appeal of Revenge of the Nerds and similar films is seeing the traditional underdogs rise up against the traditional overdogs, and it's tough to imagine myself rooting for a stereotypically beefy jock to triumph over a stereotypically scrawny nerd. My hope is that the team behind the film realizes this as well and moves past lazy, outdated tropes to show us something a bit more interesting.

Discuss: Are you excited for Revenge of the Jocks? Do you think Tremaine is a good fit for the project?