VOTD: 'Kissing,' An Informational Video By Good Magazine

There's another eleven months to go til Valentine's Day, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate cinematic love now, does it? A new video created by Good magazine, titled "Kissing," uses clips of famous movie smooches as a backdrop against which to rattle off facts about (duh) kissing. The information ranges from the sweet ("A kiss can be ten times more effective than morphine in reducing pain") to the disgusting ("When people kiss, they exchange between 10 million and 1 billion bacteria") to the questionable ("Armageddon is a fantastic movie"), and the movie selection is just as varied. Watch it after the jump.

[via Nerdcore]

Very sly of Good to display that gross bacteria factoid over a shot of Jack and Rose nuzzling in Titanic, isn't it? The video seems to be put together with great care, so I'm betting that was no accident. I also have to give credit to the creators for pulling from such an eclectic mix of films — this may be the first and last time we ever see Gone with the Wind rubbing elbows with The Mask. And I was pleased to see scenes from my personal favorite love stories represented, most notably Brokeback Mountain and The Princess Bride.

In my opinion, though, the best part of the video is the song: Champions of Breakfast's "Wet Kiss." With its irresistibly zippy beat and playful lyrics like "Eating sushi off your booty in the best," it seems like perfect workout mix fodder.

If you liked the information dump aspect of the video, check out some of the other original videos by Good. They're a bit tough to find, because the site don't seem to have them collected into a single page, but try Googling for "Good Video" and "Good.is" and you should find most of them. Here's a small sampling to get you started:

- "Teen Sex," another infographic-ish video that details statistics on adolescents and sexual activity.

- "Lobbying," a Schoolhouse Rock-style tune about the influence that lobbyists have in government.

- "How Much for a Word.com," a cute animation listing the most expensive domains on the Internet.

On the other hand, if you just liked watching gorgeous people making out, it may be time to revisit our Valentine's Day VOTD: "TV Kisses."

Discuss: What great onscreen kisses do you think were missing from the video? Do you think you might use any of the factoids as pickup lines the next time you're drunkenly hitting on ladies or fellas at the bar? If yes, please explain.

[This post has been updated to correct for the fact that I cannot count.]