New Photo: Havok In 'X-Men: First Class'

The publicity push for X-Men: First Class sure has been strange. We get a bad image, then some great ones, a great trailer then some terrible posters. In between there have been a handful of images, some more impressive than others. This isn't one of the great ones, but not because of any particular fault — merely because it isn't the most dramatic image so far, and also because it is a not-too-revealing look at a character that is something of an unknown factor in the film. So this is a shot of Lucas Till as Havok, looking more like Pyro than anything else.

See the full image after the break.

The question with Havok is how exactly he fits into the larger X-Men film continuity. Historically Havok is the brother of Cyclops, who doesn't factor into First Class at all, and who preceded Havok's involvement with the X-Men. Bryan Singer has said that this version of the character is not related to Cyclops, so we don't know how — or why — he'll be part of the story.

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