VOTD: Dan Trachtenberg's 'More Than You Can Chew'

You might know Dan Trachtenberg from his appearances on the /Filmcast, or more likely you've seen him on his highly successful internet television show the Totally Rad Show, but you might not know that he is a filmmaker. While he's doing mostly commercial work over the last few years, he just finished a narrative short film for Black Box TV,  a weekly Twilight Zone-like series on YouTube. And honestly, I'd be posting this short even if it wasn't direct by Dan (although I'm using Dan as a lead-in because it might be enough to get a few more people to watch it who might otherwise would have skipped over it).

The short is titled "More Than You Can Chew" which was co-written with Mark Walker. The story follows two paramedics who get "more than they can chew" when responding to a 911 house call. I want to see a sequel showing the further adventures in this world. Watch the short embedded after the jump.

More Than You Can Chew:

Audio Commentary:

Behind the Scenes: