New 'X-Men: First Class' Photo Casts Cold Light On January Jones And Kevin Bacon

Here's a new photo from X-Men: First Class that either shows January Jones and Kevin Bacon in a scene from their own private heist film where they steal lighting fixtures from the most secret high-tech corner of Home Depot, or actually depicts Emma Frost and Hellfire Club leader Sebastian Shaw in some equally secret corner of the Hellfire Club.

Check out the full image after the break.

Empire has the image, and the print version of the mag has additional quotes from the actors and info on the film. In the meantime we'll make do with this image, which has a great flair that distinguishes it from other movies in the series. I'm most curious to see the actual Hellfire Club — one shot in the trailer that looked like a high-class 'gentleman's club' with some sort of mutant dancer got me wondering about what the production has come up with as a visualization of the old Marvel location. This shot adds to my curiosity, assuming that it doesn't actually take place in an entirely different location.

It is only a few months until the movie opens on June 3, and I'm still impressed that director Matthew Vaughn is going to get the film done in time.