Viggo Mortensen A 'Person Of Interest' To Play 'Superman' Villain General Zod

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Viggo Mortensen is "a person of interest" to play the villain in Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman reboot and they're reporting that character is, in fact, General Zod. While Mortensen isn't the only actor being considered for the role, he's the one Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan are hoping to get. Read more after the jump.

In the Hollywood Reporter story they equate Mortensen to Kevin Costner, who earlier this week was rumored to be up for the role of Jonathan Kent, meaning both actors are up for the roles but nothing is locked in yet. In fact, according to the Reporter's sources, there haven't even been talks yet. Each actor just remains "a person of interest."

Being interested in Mortensen is a bit more complicated though. The Lord of the Rings star is also still in talks to star in Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman. He might have to choose between the projects or, possibly, work something out where he'd appear in both.

General Zod, of course, was most famously portrayed by Terence Stamp in the Richard Donner Superman films. He's a Kryptonian so he has the same powers as Superman and this report falls in line with Latino Review's original report that one of the main female roles that was being cast was Ursa, a known associate of Zod.

Mortensen has played evil in plenty of movies and while virtually no one can match what Stamp did in the original films, Mortensen is one of the few actors who would give it a good run. However, remember that this news might be the first time Mortensen himself is hearing of this and he's just about locked into Snow White. But, Snyder and Nolan can probably be pretty persuasive and who could turn down a role as juicy as Zod?