Retro 'Sucker Punch' Character Posters

Earlier this week, Warner Brothers released a new trailer for Zack Snyder's genre-bending, visual cornucopia Sucker Punch. The main comment was that the movie looked amazing but people were unsure about the story, which could be why we've seen such a plethora of print material. There's no denying the movie looks amazing. To that end, a few new posters have popped online that sell the film like it's some kind of 1940s propaganda film. Check them out after the break.

These posters popped up on the foreign site Kino Gallery, so chances are you won't see them unless you travel over seas.

We're just barely a month away from Sucker Punch being released which means you are going to start hearing early reviews very soon. Has your excitement maintained its fever pitch for this film or are you already looking towards Snyder's next movie?