All The 'Super 8' Clue Photos; Trailer Release Date Revealed?

After we got our first glimpse of footage of J.J. Abrams' June 10th release Super 8 during the Super Bowl, would-be movie detectives began to find hidden clues embedded in the commercial. They then discovered there were multiple versions of the commercial floating around with very slight changes that added context to some of the cryptic images. Now, all of the images have – most likely – been discovered and one of them has the date "03/11/11" on the side. Does that mean that's the date the trailer will be released? Check out the photos and decide for yourself after the jump.

As we know very little about Super 8 outside of broad strokes about plot and character, we probably should still consider these images spoilers because, frankly, we have no idea what most of them are or signify. Thanks to MovieWeb for compiling and hosting all of these images, which appear in the flicker of the camera at the end of the commercials. Head over to that site for some additional thoughts and larger versions of all of these images.

If you head over to MovieWeb to see the blown up version of that final image, you'll also notice this:

And on that frame of film, the day 03/11/11 is obviously there. But would Bad Robot and Paramount really go through all the trouble of embedding a clue in such a small, and almost impossible to find, place? Probably. March 11, 2011 will see the release of Battle: Los Angeles, Mars Needs Moms and Red Riding Hood. None of those films are being released by Paramount, so there's no guarantee that a trailer will be attached to any one of those movies in particular, but Abrams has been quoted saying that we'd see the first Super 8 trailer in March, so it seems like a good bet.

We all loved our first glimpse of Super 8, it won our Super Bowl Commercial poll, and are hoping for a blend of J.J. Abrams' new school sensibility with Steven Spielberg's old school nostalgia. What do you think? And any idea of what these images are?