Rumor: 'The Amazing Spider-Man' To Feature A Giant, Scaly Battle?

Today's big rumor (yep, bigger than the Prometheus one) is that Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man will feature quite a memorable battle. This is 100% unconfirmed for now, so for now treat this post as something that it for the purpose of entertainment only. The details, so as not to spoil those who would prefer not to know, are after the break.

BigFanboy says that one sequence in The Amazing Spider-Man will feature the hero going up against a whole hose of lizards. Specifically, " many of the stunt actors in the film have been spending time in heavy make-up for hours on end because of a fight scene in the film where they're turning all the S.W.A.T. team guys into reptilian creatures."

This plays into the great uncertainty that characterizes our current understanding of the trajectory of the script, particularly with respect to how the Lizard (Rhys Ifans) factors in. We're also wondering about the character played by Irrfan Khan, who is based on the comics character who becomes the Proto-Goblin, though that character reportedly won't appear in the film. (Mr. Khan said last week, " I play one of the villains in the movie. It is a pivotal role.")

So, for now, the new circle on Spider-Man's 'jump to conclusions' mat is that either the character played by Rhys Ifans or Irrfan Khan (or both) will be responsible for turning SWAT officers into scaly creatures. I can conceive of a plotline in which Nels Van Adder (aka the Proto-Goblin) employs or influences Curt Connors (aka the Lizard) to create a serum that would create an army of reptilian monsters. But that is pure speculation.