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Russian artist Sergey Kolesov created this digital art illustration in photoshop. While this has nothing to do with movies, I'd love to see Hollywood adapt this illustration into a big screen feature film. :) [coolvibe]

Despite what star Woody Harrelson is saying, screenwriter/producer Rhett Reese claims Zombieland 2 is still happening.

Disney announced on Thursday that Disneyland visitors will soon be able to reserve times for rides and check into hotel rooms from home under a new system that the company is developing. [ocregister] (Thanks to Reza for the tip)

In an alternative universe, The Masters of the Universe are the Masters of Inflatable Jumpers. In this universe they are a t-shirt.

Unique Daily lists Top 10 Enduring Comic Book Couples.CollegeHumor has released a Dr. Seuss parody: "Oh The Places You'll Actually Go".

The Walt Disney Company has quietly raised the prices it charges Redbox and Netflix for new-release DVDs/Blu-rays. [LATimes]

Check out Laz Marquez's poster for Kevin Smith's Mallrats. [reelizer]

IGN lists "Movies We Watch Just For The Sex"

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These are the action figure counterparts of some of the old and new characters we can expect in Disneyland's upcoming Star Tours revamp. [starwars]

Maria Bello has been cast as the lead detective in the NBC pilot Prime Suspect. [variety]StarWarsShop is selling a three wolf moon parody t-shirt titled "Moon Over My Ewok." [shirtoid]Amadeus composer John Strauss has died at age 90. [THR]

Director Rian Johnson continues to post behind the scenes photo from his new film Looper. The newest photo is pretty bloody.

Halle Berry has rejoined the cast of New Year's Eve, playing a new role. [thr]

Marvel has revealed the new Spider-Man and Fantastic Four costumes. [cbm]

Disney is brining Newsies to the Stage. [variety]

HeyUGuys has a first look at Black Gold.Phillip Noyce (Salt, Clear and Present Danger) is in talks to return to the action/thriller genre with Hunter Killer, which is described as a Black Hawk Dawn-style screenplay optioned by Relativity in 2008. [moviehole]

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There are 50 Seinfeld references in this t-shirt from 80'sTees.

MTV takes a look at The Worst Reviews For The 'Best Picture' Nominees. Armond White makes the list twice.Kevin Smith promotes his Red State screening/Q&A at Radio City Music Hall on March 5th 2011 on YouTube.Ranker lists Top 14 Hottest Best Friends From Chick Flicks

Julia Griffin has produced a line of bags with hand painted B-Movie themes. [fashionably geek]

Film School Rejects presents a drinking game for Unstoppable.RedBubble has a t-shirt mashup of Looney Toones' Porky Pig's closing line and the Chestburster from Spaceballs. [shirtoid]

A newly translated Russian novel retells Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings from the perspective of the bad guys. [salon]

Buzzfeed has a round up of fan-made posters for The Dark Knight Rises.Guy Ritchie will not be directing the 300 sequel Xerxes. [ew]

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Morphus meets The Dude in this mash-up of The Big Lebowski and The Matrix. [micechat]

A man is suing DreamWorks Animation claiming he created the inspiration behind Kung Fu Panda. [ESQ]

Restoration Hardware is selling replicas of a 1940s Fresnel studio lamp for $1850. [awesomer]Techi has an editorial titled "How Pirates Can Save the Home Movie Industry (And Why Netflix is its Future)" [digg]Mini-WTF: Watch Spike Lee's Charles Barkley music video "I May Be Wrong (But I Doubt It)" [filmstage]Pajiba lists The 10 Most Cheesilicious Sword And Sorcery Films.