Hans Zimmer Calls 'The Dark Knight Rises' Score 'Epic' And 'Iconic'

Though we have yet to hear anything major from director Christopher Nolan, and probably won't for some time, members of his crew have been spewing cautious quotes about what's going on with The Dark Knight Rises. Nolan's director of photography, Wally Pfister, has been quoted as calling the script "phenomenal" and now, composer Hans Zimmer spoke to MTV News and opened up – a little bit – about what he's planning for the musical accompaniment to the film. Read his quotes and more after the jump.

Zimmer wrote the score to the upcoming Rango and that's what he was promoting when MTV hounded him for any kind of information about The Dark Knight Rises. Here's how he described the work he's doing:

The one thing I can tell you is that it's going to be a lot more epic. Extraordinarily epic.

And he then elaborated on the sort of obvious puffed-up ambiguity of that statement:

I don't know, it's like, 'What's epic these days?' I think there's something in the core of the story that allows you to get the music much bigger and much more sort of, iconic.

Whoa. Now we're talking. "Something in the core of the story." Of course, Zimmer didn't say anything after that besides that he couldn't talk more about it, but it's a great seed of information to build even more speculation. Is he referring an emotional relationship? A huge action scene? A major death? Could be anything.

MTV also got a few smaller nuggets out of him, such as he'd be using the key of D Minor in the score, he wasn't sure about reusing themes and he wouldn't say specifically how many notes he had written yet. Just that:

We are thinking hard about that one right now. That's going to be extraordinary.

I wish they would have asked if Zimmer will once again he'd be teaming with James Newton Howard on the music or maybe something about his time frame, but it's very cool that Zimmer has already started to craft a sound in his head for a movie that's 18 months away. He surely knows what's at stake.