Billy Mitchell Opens 'King Of Kong' Arcade In Orlando Airport

Many of you probably have seen the 2007 documentary The King of Kong (and if you haven't, Netflix it now!). The movie follows the battle between Steve Wiebe and noted Donkey Kong/vintage video game champion Billy Mitchell, over the world record for Donkey Kong. Since the release of the film, it has been fun tracking the back and fourth battle between Wiebe and Mitchell for the world record (Steve Wiebe recently reclaimed the Donkey Kong World Record from Billy Mitchell before losing the title months later to Plastic Surgeon Hank Chien).

Billy Mitchell makes a great villain, but everyone knows that there have been accusations of selective editing and what not. From what I understand, Mitchell claims that he has still, to this day, not seen the movie. But that didn't stop him from opening a King of Kong-themed arcade inside the Orlando International Airport (n the main terminal near the food court). The small arcade is decked out with posters and signage from The King of Kong marketing, and even features a Donkey Kong mural on the walls. But one thing the arcade doesn't appear to have is a Donkey Kong machine – not an original, not Donkey Kong Junior, Donkey Kong 3, Crazy Kong, or even Donkey Kong II. The arcade is filled with mostly new arcade cabinets, with no retro games to be found.

Someone recorded a short video walkthrough of the arcade. Watch below:

Header photo thanks to GamesRadar.