January Jones Talks Rushed 'X-Men: First Class' Schedule, Praises Matthew Vaughn

When you see Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class on June 3, you'll be watching one of the most quickly-made tentpoles in recent studio history. After passing on the third X-Men film in part because he wouldn't have time to make it properly, director Matthew Vaughn ended up signing on to First Class with only a few months to make the film. (Shooting started in September 2010 for that June 3 2011 release. Fine for an indie, but rushed for an effects-heavy film.) The director has admitted that he's working right down to the wire to get the film finished, and frankly has sounded a bit frazzled by the frantic pace.

Now January Jones echoes his comments, while praising the skills of her director.

Speaking to the Canadian site Jam!, the actress said,

Poor (director) Matthew Vaughn is going to have to edit it in three days... That's been a blast. We've all had so much fun making that movie... I think it was unrealistic for them to think they were going to make such a huge movie in whatever we had — two months or something. So of course we went over (schedule). I think I have a couple more days to shoot... We're almost done. The fact we've had to push the wrap date but they haven't moved the release date is really interesting to me. I guess they must know what they're doing. I have a lot of faith in Matthew as a director and an editor; I think his movies are great. And I think they've been cutting as we've been going. We should be fine.

I'll be curious to see what sort of damage control Fox tries to do here — the actress is certainly being a lot more candid than a studio would like. But she's not really talking out of turn, and given that she has such good things to say about Matthew Vaughn, it's not like this is nuke, as far as 'out of turn quotes' go.

And the irony is that, after that first botched image release showing the assembled cast, that first teaser for the film looks simply great. However Matthew Vaughn is approaching this seems to be working. [via The Playlist]