LOL: IMDb Prematurely Awards "Best Original Score" Oscar To 'The King's Speech'

A couple /Film readers (notably Andrew G and Luis MG) have pointed out that the Internet Movie Database's Academy Award nomination/winners page lists composer Alexandre Desplat's score for The King's Speech as the winner of the "Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Score" Oscar.

There is no way IMDb has an advance listing of the Academy Award winners. It's clearly just a mistake on their part, right? Of course, there is no way IMDb would know this since the winners won't be announced until Sunday, February 27th 2011. And besides that, the Academy polls don't close until 5:00pm on Tuesday, February 22nd 2011.

Speaking of IMDb... have you ever wondered how the website started and how it is currently run? KTLA ran a news segment taking us behind the scenes of the operation. Watch the clip now embedded after the jump.

Here is the clip, found via rejects: