Screenwriter Hired For Mark Millar's 'Nemesis'

Movie geeks have a weird relationship with Mark Millar. We simply adore his work: Civil War, The Ultimates, Wanted and obviously Kick Ass, but we get supremely frustrated with his penchant for saying things that seem far-fetched. For example, with one of his latest comic books, Nemesis, Millar was out in force well before the release talking about how Hollywood was chomping at the bit to adapt it. We then heard Tony Scott was interested in directing. Now, months later, the series is done and, according to Latino Review, the first real step in actually making a movie has been taken. Matthew Michael Carnahan is close to signing on to write a screenplay based on Millar's comic. Read more after the break.

Latino Review reports that Matthew Michael Carnahan, brother of A-Team director Joe Carnahan, and writer of The Kingdom, State of Play and Lions for Lambs, is in talks to write the screenplay for Nemesis.Nemesis, written by Mark Millar and drawn by Steve McNiven, is about a billionaire who uses his money and power not for good, but for evil. There's an incredible amount of death and terror juxtaposed with the story of how one man can go so supremely bad.

Carnahan, along with Millar and possibly Scott, surely have their work cut out for them. Nemesis is a great concept with an interesting story, crazy action and beautiful set-pieces. The problem is how will they make a film that features attacks on the Pentagon, bombs on the President of the United States and the innumerable deaths of heroic characters like police officers a commercial success? If Millar had trouble getting Kick Ass, which is equally violent but way more marketable and relatable to the big screen, I think Nemesis is going to be even more difficult.

Do you agree? And do you think Carnahan will be able to pull off a solid adaptation?