'Captain America' Writers Hired To Pen Sequel Script?

Once upon a time, studios would wait for the opening of a film before throwing money at a sequel. But things happen a lot faster now. Rapturous reception for a trailer to one film might be enough to kick-start real development on a sequel, for example. That may be the case for Captain America: The First Avenger. The film did well at Comic Con, where one costume test and one sequence were shown. But the general public didn't get a look at footage until this past Sunday. And the response was quite good.

So Latino Review reports that Stephen McFeely & Christopher Markus, aka the guys who wrote Captain America (before Joss Whedon might have done anything to the script, that is) have been hired to write a sequel. This isn't much of a surprise. The shock would be if Marvel decided not to do a sequel to the film. (Chris Evans is signed for six films, which doesn't mean that six will be made. But Marvel is definitely planning for a couple.) Marvel is already doing one sequel, The Avengers, as Cap isn't subtitled The First Avenger for nothing.

We know that the end of this first Captain America movie will see the character frozen so that he can appear intact in The Avengers. So the question is: would a sequel be another period piece, or would it take place in the modern day? I know people are excited to see hints that the film version of sidekick Bucky Barnes will follow the Ed Brubaker storyline that turns the character into the Soviet-controlled Winter Soldier, who is periodically activated through the decades between WWII and the present, leading to an encounter between Cap and his former friend. But I can't easily let go of the notion that Captain America is a great justification for another period superhero war movie. We're not likely to get that, but a guy can hope.