Michael Bay Says 'Transformers 3' Will Be "Like Black Hawk Down"

MTV talked briefly with director Michael Bay about his upcoming threequel, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which he claims is "like Black Hawk Down."

"We just have, I think, a better story," he said. "It's epic and it happens in a city, so it's more accessible because you recognize stuff; it's not in a desert. It's kind of like 'Black Hawk Down' with our small group of heroes in a city."

One of my many problems with the second film is that you had no perspective. The ending of Revenge of The Fallen with the constructicons joining together to form Devastator, you got no sense of scale. He looked just like every other Transformer on screen. A battle with a Decepicon that huge would have worked well in the middle of a city, with buildings being destroyed in the process. It looks like this is one of the many notes Bay has observed with this third and final film. Watch the short interview clip to hear more, embedded after the jump.