Alternate Versions Of 'Super 8' Commercial Reveal More Clues

It seems the Super 8 Super Bowl commercial that actually played during the game was slightly different from the one that showed up online. Both are identical until the very end when a whole different set of images flash across the lens of the Super 8 camera. We did a post highlighting a bunch of images from the online version and now the awesome site has gone ahead and culled a bunch of images from not only the TV version but, possibly, another version all together. Check out some of the images they've discovered from the J.J. Abrams film after the jump.

We were alerted to these new images/clues over by this post on MovieViral. They source a few other sites including Unfiction and Super 8 News, so we've gotta give them some love too for doing the painstaking research.

In our original post, we showed a photo that we surmised could be "The Monster." Well, it turns out, many of the images in the multiple trailers sort of go together like a puzzle. So this original image:

Is actually just a smaller part of this image which MovieViral calls a "Quasimodo doll," most likely part of the movie within the movie.

Another mystery from the original post was the date. That has been easily cleared up with images from the other trailer:

There doesn't seem to be any significance, yet, to September 19, 1962. A quick Google search doesn't bring up anything of note, besides the birth of SNL Alum Cheri Oteri. Chances are the date is important to the world of the film, however.

Finally, there are a bunch of other images that appear in the alternate version of the commercial, most of which seem completely random. Here's just one example, check out the rest over on MovieViral:

A Viewmaster! Dum dum dummmmmmm.

You guys are great at speculating, so what do you think about these images? They've obviously been chosen very carefully otherwise they wouldn't match up like they do. Do you think they reveal anything at all or are just totally random and meant to throw us off until June 10?