Detroit Shoots Down Idea To Erect 'Robocop' Statue In City

I'm sure you saw the Chrysler's "Imported From Detroit" Super Bowl commercial featuring Eminem. Detroit has an image problem, and steps have been taken to spin the city's image back in a more positive direction. Detroit Mayor Dave Bing has been soliciting the internet for suggestions on how to clean up the city and its image. One follower suggested that Detroit erect a giant statue of Robocop.  Mayor Dave Bing actually responded.

I for one actually think it's a great idea. Erecting a Robocop statue in the city would instantly create a new tourism opportunity, and bring a sense of pride back to the city. Pennsylvania has gotten a lot of mileage out of the iconic Rocky statue, and smaller locales like Vulcan , Alberta , Canada have followed suit, erecting a Starship Enterprise Statue. The only problem with having a Robocop statue in Detroit is that the movie wasn't shot in Detroit. While the film's story is set and will forever be associated with the city, the movie was actually shot mostly in Pennsylvania and Texas, with only a couple exterior shots filmed in Detroit.

via: TMZ