'Submarine' Trailer

Here's the trailer for Submarine, the British film that has been killing at festivals since it debuted at TIFF last year. Peter loved it there, and David loved it at Sundance. Check out the trailer — which certainly has some familiar notes from other big indie success stories — and leave your thoughts after the break.

At Sundance, David said,

What makes Submarine shine is the committed performance of newcomer Craig Roberts and Ayoade's willingness to let the story venture into some dark territory. There are developments in Oliver's life that would overcome even 20 or 30-year-0lds with paralyzing fear. Oliver makes some horrible choices, but it's a treacherous learning process that we all go through, and the film's ability to recall it makes Oliver imminently relatable.

All of which I'm taking as an indication that the film goes beyond some of the almost twee Wes Anderson tropes and other elements that seem carried forward from so many other films. I expect that's just the trailer — easier to sell the familiar — and that the film has a little bit more in store.

British comic Richard Ayoade delivers his hotly-anticipated feature debut Submarine. One boy must fight to save his mother from the advances of a mystic and simultaneously lure his eczema-strafed girlfriend in to the bedroom armed with only a vast vocabulary and near-total self-belief. His name is Oliver Tate.