Infographic: The Nicolas Cage Matrix

TheShiznit has compiled a grid matrix charting out the many roles of Nicolas Cage.

Like most actors, Nicolas Cage has made his fair share of stinkers as well as some unforgettable classics, so the vertical axis would have to be based on quality. As for horizontal – my favourite axis – well, that's easy. Cage more than anyone has two distinct types of movie: serious, po-faced, issue movies and balls-out, crack-piped, bug-eyed brainwrongs. As you can see, Cage's career covers the full spectrum. The truly brilliant, madcap, mercurial Nicolas Cage from the likes of Bad Lieutenant and Kick-Ass doesn't come out to play nearly as often as straight-faced, paycheque-hunting, Season Of The Witch Nicolas Cage. That's not to say he doesn't try – just look at the films clogging up the rubbish/mental quadrant, freaking out the rest of the matrix. And look how smug The Weather Man is.

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