Watch The Social Network "How Did They Ever Make A Movie Of Facebook?" 93-Minute Behind The Scenes Documentary

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If you haven't yet purchased the awesome Blu-ray release of David Fincher's The Social Network — why the heck not? Do so now! For those of you who have abandoned purchasing physical media, IMDB has you covered — they have posted the entire 93-minute behind the scenes documentary titled "How Did They Ever Make a Movie of Facebook?" that is included in the supplemental features (note: there are more featurettes on the disc in addition to this bad boy). Unlike most studio-produced documentaries, this behind the scenes look gives you a more honest look at what it was like to make the movie. Okay, now, look at your schedule — clear out an hour an a half, because you're going to want to watch this. Trust me.

Here are the quick links to the four parts of the behind the scenes documentary:

  • Part One – Commencement
  • Part Two – Boston
  • Part Three – Los Angeles
  • Part Four – The Lot
  • Thanks to the FilmStage for the heads up. And if you have the DVD/Blu-ray, be sure to watch the featurette "Jeff Cronenweth and David Fincher on the Visuals" (which I can't find online).