'Day & Night' Producer Talks Upcoming Pixar Shorts

Pixar movies are great on their own, so the fact that each begins with equally exciting short is merely icing on the cake. The Pixar shorts are legendary, award-winning and nowadays, almost as anticipated as the features themselves. Rumor has it that Cars 2 will have a Toy Story themed short called Hawaii, starring Barbie and Ken, in front of it, but what about the Pixar films coming out in subsequent years? Kevin Reher, a producer of Day & Night, which was in front of Toy Story 3, dropped a few hints in a recent interview. Read his quotes after the break.

While talking to the Animation World Network (with a heads up from The Pixar Blog), Reher talked about the short they're working on now, which will be attached to Brave in 2012.

It's funny, the new film we're finishing production on now, which will be attached to Brave in 2012, it's three characters and two sets, and man, how easy it is. It's different, there're no gags... It's beautiful, it's lyrical, it's very different from all the other ones. It's amazing how easy it can be when you just have 3 characters and 2 sets.

And to give you some perspective at how long the process is for these films, Reher and his team are about to find out which short film will be attached to Pixar's 2013 release, which itself has yet to be officially announced (but might be directed by Pete Doctor...Monsters Inc. 2?)

We're working right now figuring out which one's going to be the 2013 short film. There are two that are both going to go in front of John [Lasseter]. One is very different from anything we've ever done. One is a little more traditional.

What other production company is figuring out things they'll be doing in 2013 this week? Not many. It's this kind of care and preparation that makes Pixar so universally successful. Any guesses as to what the shorts will be about?