VOTD: The Movie Alphabet

YouTube user TheToaster2006 has created a supercut of film characters reciting the alphabet, one movie for each letter of the alphabet. Hit the jump to watch the video now.


A – Jingle All the Way

B – Tommy Boy

C – Fargo

D – Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

E – Heavenly Creatures

F – Amadeus

G – The Truman Show

H – Sexy Beast

I – Casino

J – Knocked Up

K – The Godfather III

L – Kill Bill Volume 2

M – A Clockwork Orange

N – Rain Man

O – The Big Lebowski

P – The Rundown

Q – Goldeneye

R – Crazy on the Outside

S – Falling Down

T – The Sound of Music

U – Fight Club

V – V for Vendetta

W – There Will be Blood

X – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Y – Reservoir Dogs

Z – The Matrix Reloaded / Pulp Fiction